Decorating Pottery

Shape is important in pottery because it sets the mood for the finished look. A vase that is too flat would not look quite right. A plate with sides that are too high would look more like a bowl. Once shape has been correctly mastered, a pottery piece is enhanced by decoration. This usually takes the form of stains, glazes or paints. These colorants are brushed onto the surface of a bisque piece. They can also be added after a glaze has been fired onto the piece. Paints, stains and glazes add color and focus to finished pottery.

Creating a Wider Customer Base

Professional pottery studios are often looking for ways to expand their customer base.


The Pottery Painting Process

Pottery pieces are made many different ways. Some are thrown on a pottery wheel.


Local Art Showings

The growing popularity of pottery painting shops has given way to art showings.


Pottery Paint Shops

Adults and children often like to make pretty items as a hobby.